August 2023
The recent Sheypoor marketing campaign: "Go Straight to Your Villa!"

The recent Sheypoor marketing campaign: "Go Straight to Your Villa!"

Recently, Sheypoor has been focusing on increasing brand awareness and positioning itself as the "specialized market for buying and selling real estate in northern Iran." In its recent campaign, Sheypoor has taken a different and more creative approach that has generated a significant response from the audience.The slogan of this campaign is "Go Straight to Your Villa!", where cars, upon entering a tunnel, appear to enter their own villa. With Sheypoor, just as easily as cars enter the tunnel, you can become a villa owner; this is the message of the campaign to the audience. 

Sheypoor's marketing strategy was to run a guerilla marketing campaign that would attract the most attention with the minimum budget. The costs and limitations of installing OOH advertisements with these dimensions at the entrances of the tunnels in northern Iran sparked the idea for this campaign. Sheypoor decided to execute its campaign with computer graphics and release it virally on social networks in video format. 

Many users on social media did not realize the computer generation of this billboard and even asked questions about the installation location. This initially challenging idea turned out to be successful, and in the first three days of its release on Instagram, it reached 1 million impressions.

See a video of the campaign here.